A Dentist Should be Part of Your Healthcare Team

We all know that we need to be active participants in taking care of our health, however, a rather small percentage of us really do it. We go to the doctor when we get sick and only think about a dentist when we begin having problems with our teeth. It may be okay to visit the doctor only when you are feeling something isn’t quite right with your body, however, your teeth are a different matter.

Your Teeth Need Regular Maintenance

Just like your body needs regular maintenance of good nutrition and exercise to be healthy, your mouth also needs regular maintenance of brushing and flossing. Part of this maintenance needs to include visits to your dentist for teeth cleaning. If your mouth and teeth are not healthy it can lead to problems in the rest of your body.

Research Shows that a Dirty Mouth Can Lead to Health Problems

Research has shown that the bacteria that collects in the mouth from poor dental hygiene can make its way into the bloodstream, spreading all throughout the body. Germs from the mouth can be inhaled causing lung problems such as COPD and pneumonia. Germs that get into the bloodstream can cause heart problems that can lead to heart attack or stroke. Although researchers don’t know exactly what the process is, it is believed that the bacteria attaches to plaque in the blood vessels, causing blockages. In other areas, it is believed to cause inflammation in the body that can create all kinds of problems.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Taking good care of your teeth only takes a few minutes a day and for the small amount of time it takes, it provides multiple benefits to your health. Make sure brush and floss twice a day and see your dentist twice a year for a general checkup and cleaning. If you are in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California, area, contact the Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics at 310 276-2468 for all of your dental needs. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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