A Background of Innovation By Dr. Gibson: Pandwe Gibson In New Orleans

Some people have the ability to see a need in the community and to find a way to address that need. For a closer look at someone with that type of insight, consider the accomplishments of Dr. Gibson. Pandwe Gibson in New Orleans had a new way to look at charter schools, and she has carried that forward with her new business venture in Miami.

The New Orleans Innovation

Dr. Pandwe Gibson saw the devastation and destruction that Hurricane Katrina brought to the New Orleans area. Working in the educational field and also completing her Masters in Education, Dr. Gibson quickly determined that a focused management system would be highly effective to coordinate educational programming to boost student achievement in some of the most challenged areas throughout the south.

As the co-founder of ReNEW, the first Charter Management Organization in the southern United States, Dr. Pandwe Gibson also became one of its directors. Starting with just six schools the first year, but at the end of the third year, there were 16 schools. Additionally, during this time period, student academic achievement throughout the CMO increased, giving these children in the New Orleans area a better education.

Dr. Pandwe Gibson was also an administrator of one of the ReNEW schools and helped to create a culture of learning and change. She carried this positivity and vision forward to her new venture, developing a green industry revolution in the Miami area.

Today, Dr. Pandwe Gibson is the President and Founder of EcoTech Visions. This innovative business is located in the Green Corridor of Miami and provides an incubator and maker space for green businesses and entrepreneurs developing green products and services.

Recognized as a valuable member of the business community in New Orleans as well as in Miami, Dr. Pandwe Gibson continues to provide opportunities for people throughout the communities where she lives and works.

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