Why You Need Dedicated Storage for Your Gold Investments

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Investment Services

If you’ve been investing in precious metals lately – and what prudent investor hasn’t – then the question of storage has likely crossed your mind. Is it best to keep your assets “liquid” by keeping your gold with you at home, or is it worth investing in outside storage for gold? This guide will break it down for you.

The One Catch for Precious Metals

Precious metals are often thought of as one of the safest and most stable commodities to invest in, but there is one big catch. When you store your precious metals yourself, you’re opening yourself up to considerable risk. While you’ll have your gold on hand, home storage for gold means that your gold investment is susceptible to accidental losses. A thief could burglarize your home and stole your gold coins. Or, they could be lost in an unforeseen natural disaster that destroys your home, such as a fire or flood. Any of these events could wipe our your investment in minutes, making home storage for gold a truly risky option.

What are The Advantages of Off Site Storage?

When you invest in off site storage for gold, you can overcome many of these risks and disadvantages. Because off site gold storage facilities are generally insured, you can recoup some or all of your investment in the event of theft, or the loss of gold due to a natural disaster. At the same time, the security and construction of these facilities makes them far less likely to suffer those fates in the first place. If part of the appeal of investing in gold is for its stability, then it only makes sense to nullify the one major risk associated with precious metals and look into investing in secure off site storage for gold.

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