Why Residential Air Conditioning Service in Hamilton OH Does Not Focus on Preventing Legionnaire’s Disease

When people hear about Legionnaire’s disease being associated with air conditioning, they may feel scared about running their central air system. They wonder why the frequency of this problem seems so low and why nobody they know ever has gotten the disease. Technicians who provide Air Conditioning Service in Hamilton, OH can explain why a residential air conditioner normally is not going to cause this illness.

Legionella Bacteria and Cooling Systems

The disease is caused by Legionella bacteria, which sometimes occurs in standing water. This can be a problem with a commercial air conditioning system, but it is improbable with a residential unit. The main exception is in multi-family homes with cooling towers, which are most prevalent in New York City. The infected air is distributed through the building through vents.


In other residential settings, the unlikely event of Legionella bacteria growing in standing water could be caused by portable misters or humidifiers. If the water is allowed to sit for days and becomes stagnant, there is a tiny risk of that bacteria growing in it. These devices are generally not used when the air conditioning is running, however. They are most commonly operated in winter when the interior of the home tends to be dry.

Also, heat kills the bacteria, which is why it doesn’t develop in water heaters. Most humidifiers warm the water before steam is sent into the air. Central air conditioners don’t heat water, but they also don’t contain standing water. Condensation is sent through a hose from the appliance to a drain or sump well inside the home.

Preventive Strategies for Health

There can be some problems with germs and toxins being sent into the home through air conditioners, but this can be prevented with three main strategies. One is to have Air Conditioning Service in Hamilton OH completed each year that includes a thorough cleaning of the equipment. Another is to use a high-quality air filter that blocks microbes from reaching the interior air. A third method is to have a company such as Living Comfort HVAC LLC clean the ductwork to eliminate any materials that have accumulated there.

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