When Should Your Pet Have Blood Tests?

Preventative care for the health of your pet may help increase its life span and catch problems early so they may be treated sooner than later. One factor of this type of care often includes a comprehensive blood panel. Your local vet hospital may require this test under certain circumstances or recommend it in others, but how can you be sure your pet requires these tests? Whether your dog or cat is going in for an annual exam or for a problem, there are several situations in which you should consider giving consent for blood tests.

If Your Older Pet Needs Anesthesia

Older pets need dental care more often than younger ones, and if your dog or cat is older than ten years of age, your vet may recommend a blood panel to ensure that it is still a good candidate for anesthesia. The risk of something going wrong during this procedure increases with your pet’s age, even if it is in good health. A blood panel will reveal whether your pet can still handle the stress of going under gas.

If A Cursory Exam Is Not Conclusive

If your local vet hospital examines your pet and cannot find anything immediately wrong yet its behavior is not normal, such as if it quit eating or playing, a blood panel may reveal issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Liver, kidney and heart problems may be revealed, or illnesses such as diabetes or a metabolic imbalance may be discovered as well.

The Onset of Age

As a pet owner, it is difficult to see your pet age. However, if it starts to slow down or its habits change, running a blood panel might allow your vet to catch the start of manifesting illnesses in order to improve your animal’s quality of life. This is especially important during annual exams, as knowing your older pet has been checked over thoroughly will give you peace of mind for the coming year. Your local vet hospital can help you understand exactly what a blood panel might reveal and how it may benefit your pet. For more information visit Website. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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