When Should Homeowners Call For HVAC Repair Services? Here’s When to Know

Americans enjoy instant gratification in so many ways. We call out for our meals and watch Netflix as we dine. We have whole house items to filter our air and water. We touch a button to make coffee, microwave food and cool the house. However, everything breaks down at some time, requiring us to call on HVAC repair service in Brea, CA. What are the red flags for which we should watch?

Temperature Differences

Homeowners should recognize that if the outdoor temperature is 90 degrees, then the indoor temperature can reach 70 degrees. The higher the temp outside, the harder the unit has to work to reach a comfortable temp inside. It might run continuously in order to get the indoor temperature down. If it doesn’t come down, call for help.


Homeowners setting the indoor temperature below 70 degrees run the risk of freezing up the system. The house won’t cool down faster, and you may need the HVAC repair service in Brea, CA, to fix it.


Homeowners finding the ambient air not cool enough or having respiratory troubles need to change the filters. The filter inside is usually located in a hallway or on an inconspicuous wall somewhere. The other is located in the air exchange, which is a tall aluminum structure in a closet or basement. Change both at the same time. If that doesn’t work, call for help.

Outdoor Unit

If the indoor air isn’t cool, clean the outdoor unit. Brush leaves, grass clippings, and other debris off the fins. If anything is planted nearby, either move it or keep it clipped close. Remove any umbrellas or awnings, as the unit must have space to blow out air. If the indoor temperature doesn’t come down, call for help. Spicer Mechanical is in the business of keeping your home cool, so contact them at www.spicermechanical.com to learn more.

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