What Can You Expect From Tooth Fillings in Salisbury NC?

Getting a tooth filled is not high on anyone’s priorities, but it is sometimes necessary when a tooth has been compromised with decay. There have been many advances in dental science that allow for more comfortable experiences with tooth fillings in Salisbury NC. With this information, individuals will better understand what they can expect from the process of having a tooth filled.

What Happens When Getting a Tooth Filled?

When a person’s tooth is damaged due to decay, it is important the decay is removed as soon as possible. Waiting too long could lead to the destruction of the tooth and the need to have it extracted. Before any work is done on the tooth, the dentist will carefully numb the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. The patient should not feel any pain at all during the filling, but some people experience slight pressure.

The dentist will use special tools to remove the decayed areas of the teeth. This must be done before tooth fillings in Salisbury NC. The filling fills the opening that is left behind. If the filling is not put in place, the patient can experience discomfort because their nerve is exposed. The filling also serves the purpose of making the tooth stronger, so it is less likely to become damaged during chewing.

Schedule an Appointment

To get started, individuals first need to schedule an appointment with their dentist so their teeth can be evaluated. The dentist will perform an examination and will take X-rays so the degree of damage can be determined.

Once the dentist knows how deep the cavity runs, it can be treated. Filling a cavity is crucial for stopping the progression of decay. Other than mild soreness after the procedure, most people do not experience any problems getting a filling.

To learn more about dental fillings, visit Robertogdendds.com. Here, you can learn what to expect from the treatment process so you will be properly prepared. Call the office today so your appointment can be scheduled right away. They will work to make sure your oral health is protected, so your smile remains beautiful.

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