Using Lobster As The Star Of Your Recipes

There’s nothing like a plate of fresh seafood along with a baked potato or another favorite side dish. Lobster is a type of seafood that you can enjoy on its own with a simple squeeze or lemon or combined with other ingredients to create a delicious meal for yourself or the entire family. When you’re preparing this type of meal, you want to use fresh lobster Boston companies offer so that the meat is tender and is full of flavor.

An easy idea for using fresh lobster is to pair it with steak on the grill. Make sure you’re only using lobster halves instead of grilling the entire portion whole so that it gets done in the same amount of time as the steak. Add a bit of garlic butter and herbs to both types of meat before removing from the heat.

Another fun idea for using fresh lobster Boston stores sell is to make a BLT. You’ll still have the lettuce, tomato, and bacon, but you’re going to also add lobster to the sandwich. Small pieces of lobster work well with this refreshing and filling sandwich. You can add a sprinkle of salt and pepper along with lemon juice and mayonnaise to complete the dish.

You’ve probably heard of an oyster po’boy. You can also make a lobster po’boy using some of the same ingredients. Try to capture the fresh flavors of the lobster using lettuce and chopped tomatoes. You can combine small pieces of lobster with mayonnaise or a seafood sauce for added flavors. A meal that you might not think about using lobster is pizza. Cut your lobster into small pieces, adding it to your pizza along with sun-dried cherry tomatoes and polenta. A mild cheese works well with this recipe as you don’t want an overpowering taste that takes away from the flavors of the seafood.

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