Using Jail Bonds in Hillsboro, TX

The US legal system is founded on the idea that people are innocent until proven guilty, and defendants receive legal representation if they cannot afford their own. During the legal process, many defendants can gain their freedom with the assistance of Vaughn’s EZ Out Bail Bonds. Our country’s bail system was formed in its earliest days, and continues to be used today.

Surety Bonds
With a surety bond, a defendant can secure their release from jail, with the awareness that they forfeit the bond amount if they do not appear in court as required. Surety bonds are essentially a financial way to guarantee that a defendant will show up in court when necessary.

When Bail is Granted
Most defendants in non-capital cases can get bail, but it is occasionally available for those charged with capital crimes. Our current bail system is based on that used in England during the Middle Ages, and it was brought to America and instituted by the Bill of Rights. The 6th Amendment grants defendants the right of habeas corpus; they have the right to know the charges against them.

The right of habeas corpus is an important issue for the bail system. A defendant can only ask for release if they are aware of the charges they face. The 8th Amendment prohibits the setting of excessive bail, and the 1966 Bail Reform Act allows judges to determine whether a defendant can be released on recognizance. The Bail Reform Act focused on non-capital crimes, but capital crimes were included in some situations.

Bail provisions are dependent upon the crime committed, and there are other considerations to be made. Typically, a person accused of a capital crime is considered to be too great a security risk, so they are detained until the case’s first hearing. States have different definitions of capital crimes, but most are punishable by death. Capital crimes include murder, treason and rape.

Bail amounts can vary widely, but tend to be within a range based on the type of crime committed. Other factors, such as the amount of violence and the age of the victim are also considered. America’s legal system states that defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That presumption of innocence entitles them to certain freedoms during the trial, and Jail bonds in Hillsboro, TX are only part of the way the defendant’s rights are upheld.

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