Upgrading To A New Anesthesia Machine

Making the choice to upgrade from an older model of machine to a new anesthesia machine opens up the door to adding features and functions for greater patient safety. Additionally, new equipment can provide increased benefits for the anesthetist in precision, monitoring and ease of controls.
When looking for a new anesthesia machine , there are several important factors to keep in mind. It is always well worth your while to stop and consider a variety of different systems before making a choice. However, as with all equipment used within a facility, it will be essential to confirm that any change in systems will integrate fully with other equipment already in use.


Depending on the physical space available for the anesthesia machine in the operating theater or the specific area of use, it may be important to choose from more compact equipment.

Compact doesn’t mean having to give up on the central features, but it may limit the possible configuration and optional features and system components included. For example, smaller and more compact systems tend to have less storage space on the cart, which may be a relevant consideration for the doctors.

Sensors and Safety

With virtually all new anesthesia machine models there will be integrated monitoring of the systems onboard, providing instant alerts if there is any change in the system during operation.

These sensors also provide continual feedback between the different components of the equipment, ensuring that everything is operating with full data communicated between each component.

To provide more effective operator control the monitors and the controls for the system and strategically placed to be safe and easy to manage from any position. This is not just a convenience factor, but also reduces the risk of human error during use.

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