Understanding the Advantages of Glass Block Window Construction in Detroit

When it comes to windows, there are certainly many different options available. Inthe end, though, most people choose the basic glass windows that, while effective inproviding a clear view, provide little in the way of privacy or security. Glass blockwindow construction in Detroit, MI, on the other hand, provides many advantagesover traditional glass that can help increase the comfort and security of your home.


Glass block is thick. Very thick. In fact, glass block is as thick as the exterior wall thatit is installed in. Compared to regular glass, then, which is only fractions of an inchthick, glass block provides greatly enhanced security. No matter where you utilizeglass block window construction in Detroit, MI, then, you can have exceptional peaceof mind that it will be nearly impossible for an intruder to gain access to your homethrough your glass block windows.


When it comes to traditional windows, it’s more what you can see through the window that’s the center of attention. When it comes to glass block windows, though, the window itself is the main attraction. Available in a wide variety of patterns glass block can make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. Thanks to its utility, glass block can even be used in the interior of your home, making for an exceptional statement piece that will quickly attract attention.

Energy Efficiency

Given the astounding thickness of glass block windows, they tend to be as or more energy-efficient than standard windows. Given the competitive cost of glass block windows compared to thermal pane windows, your energy-efficient investment will pay for itself much more quickly. Additionally, because glass blocks come in styles that let in a limited amount of light. This will help keep the room cooler and help prevent fading of fabrics and other materials. For quality glass block window construction in Detroit, MI, contact the pros of Glass Block Express at glassblockexpress.com.

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