Trends in appliances in Laguna Niguel CA

Just like all other household furnishings, appliances have fashionable “trends”. Who can forget the avocado appliances of the 1970s? Even now, if you look at old homes you will sometimes find those and they practically scream how dated the kitchen is. So, although they are clearly obvious, appliances are a long-term purchase that you might own for fifteen or even more years and sometimes they literally do last decades, so chances are that although you may want to somewhat fashionable, you also likely want appliances in Laguna Niguel CA that have a sort of timeless look.

One thing that has been a trend is the color of the appliances. White is really timeless and has been around forever and likely will be for at least the next hundred years or so and it is a very safe choice. However, because of its extreme popularity, it does not add much to the look of a kitchen unless the white itself is used to make a statement, for example if the entire kitchen is black and white. Black is a fairly popular color choice as well and that has not been available forever and is still much less common. Black appliances can really lend a sophisticated look to a kitchen and so would be a good choice for many and it is not terribly awkward to have both black and white appliances. Another popular choice these days is stainless steel, which has a very attractive finish that will probably be popular for years. The main disadvantage with stainless is that it is hard to keep clean and also it is usually quite a bit more expensive than a comparable white or black piece. All of these appliances in Laguna Niguel CA would be considered neutral and would go with almost any decorating style.

Other things that come and go are features within appliances in Laguna Niguel CA. For example, in the past it was not uncommon to have a microwave attached to an oven, but that is no longer as popular of a choice because microwaves need to be replaced more often typically than an oven. Also, the French door style of refrigerators, which is very new, is now what could be considered a trend. It remains to be seen whether the trend stays popular and becomes the norm or whether it will pass quickly and very soon refrigerators with the style will no longer be available.


Whenever you buy long-term purchases for your home including Appliances in Laguna Niguel CA, you need to weigh the desire you have for being trendy versus the risk of dating your look. This is something you can discuss with your appliances in Laguna Niguel CA salesman and he might be able to point you to dying trends or things that are likely to endure.


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