Trauma: What is it and How You Can Cope

What is trauma?

Stressful events in life can destroy your sense of security in the world and lead to emotional as well as psychological trauma. This can leave you with emotions you will find hard to accept and severe anxiety that refuses to disappear, no matter what you do. Feelings of numbness, disconnection and an inability to trust in other people may follow as well.

Different types of trauma

There are different types of trauma. Some may be caused by one-time events, others by ongoing stress and some may be the product of overlooked causes. However, trauma brought on by a natural or man-made disaster will also come with its unique challenges.

Three phases to achieve

There are plenty of ways to make recovery happen. Treatment for people who suffer from trauma must involve three phases, the PsychCentral says. The first phase must help the patient recover that sense of safety. This means the patient must reduce the symptoms and increase competencies. The second is to review and reappraise trauma memories to process one’s emotions. And the third phase involves the client’s application of skills and understanding to the trauma experience. If you’re looking for trauma recovery in Los Angeles CA, you will need to consider treatment with these phases in mind.
Recovery tips and advice

Find ways to help your body cope with the trauma. Exercising can help bring equilibrium to your body. This can counter the way damage can disrupt your body’s balance. Learn to self-regulate your nervous system. And don’t isolate yourself. It’s important to find a professional that you can talk to about your problems. If you cannot cope on your own, seek out psychotherapy for trauma recovery in Los Angeles CA. Talking to a professional can do a lot to help you prevent from withdrawing from the world.

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