Transitioning from Nursing to Weaning

The American Academy of Pediatrics states unequivocally that breastfeeding or formula feeding for the first six months is all that a newborn needs to thrive. The arguments about whether breast is best or formula have to give way to the argument that a well fed and thriving child is best. Debates can also be very heated over when to start introducing solid foods. In general, at about four months infants are ready to start trying solid foods. There is no hard and fast rule about when to start solids, so let your baby lead the way and look for indications that baby is interested in trying solid foods.

When to Start: Three Signs

1. Babies need to develop enough to be able to eat successfully. They need to be able to sit up in a high chair and support their head and neck.
2. If you try to feed solids if before the six-month mark, you may notice that baby will push the food out with their tongue. This is a natural reflex, not a comment on the consistency or taste of food. This is a natural reaction and tells you that they are not yet ready to have solids.
3. Babies should also be interested in the food that they see other people eating. Children can be introduced to very basic foods like fruits and vegetables, rice or oat cereal, with common allergenic foods being introduced earlier rather than later.

Fresh is Best

Upper East Side moms already have a lot on their plates. Baby food should not be something to worry over. Fresh baby food is best, without preservatives or artificial ingredients. Fresh baby food deliveries to the upper East side can make a busy mom’s days and nights much easier, and introducing solid foods in a healthful and low-pressure way.

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