Top Reasons Philadelphia Buyers Should Test Drive Volkswagen Cars

People in the Philadelphia area are used to seeing all makes and models of Volkswagen cars on the road. Some are the old classic Beetles and VW vans, while others are the sleek, sporty, and new lines the company has to offer.

A Brief VW History

The first VWs were manufactured in Germany in 1937. The company was started to make an affordable vehicle for the population, as owning a vehicle at that time was a luxury reserved only for the very rich. With a lot of innovation, the original Beetle was designed, and production started in 1939, but then ended during the war.

After the war, the first VWs were sent to the USA in 1949, but only two cars were actually sold. It wasn’t until 1955 that Volkswagen of America was formed, and the iconic Beetle and the VW van become part of the driving culture.

Today, VW sells over 354,000 vehicles, with about half in passenger cars and about half in SUVs. The top-selling model is the VW Tiguan, accounting for just over 103,000 vehicles sold in 2018.

With a long history in the American car market, Volkswagen cars today offer exceptional features, fuel economy and design options that make them an ideal vehicle for driving in Philadelphia or on the highways.

Take a Spin

The first thing most people find when they test drive the new models of Volkswagen cars is the interior roominess and features that is amazing in a smaller size of the vehicle. This all comes with the latest in technology, even in the base models for all types of cars and SUVs.

With new styles, safety features, and driver assist options, these vehicles offer a lot of power, sporty handling, and fuel economy that makes them a top investment for anyone to consider.

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