Tips for Repairing Asphalt Shingles

If you have composition or asphalt shingles on your house in Middleton or nearby Waunakee, Wisconsin, you may not have any problems for years. However, even the strongest and most durable roofing materials can wear out or get damaged. When you have issues with your shingles, you may need to make some simple repairs, instead of checking online for contractors “near me.” These helpful tips can make the job a little easier.

Leaks Can Travel

Trusted roof repair specialists in Sun Prairie (close to Verona) like may tell you, just because you see a brown spot on your ceiling, does not mean the leak is just above the spot. In fact, water enters places where shingles are cracked, worn, or missing, and can run along felt paper or wood until it finds an opening. Your roof may have broken shingles just below the peak, and this is where the water enters. However, it may not find a place to enter until it is half-way down the roof.

Finding the Leak

You must find the leak before you can make the roof repair in Madison WI. Go into your attic or crawl space during the daytime, preferably when the sun is shining. You might see light coming in through the roof, and this lets you know where the leak is coming from. Also, look for wet places on the insulation and on the rafters. Try to find the leak by working your way backwards toward the origination spot.

Some Leaks are Very Hard to Find

If you cannot find where the source of your water leak, check the Internet for “roofing contractors around me.” Trusted roofers have years of experience finding leaks and can make the necessary repairs quickly. If you need new roofing, licensed contractors offer some of the finest materials and best warranties in the building industry.

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