Tips For Comparing Movers In Hoover, AL

There are many articles online that provide advice and information on all aspects of moving services. For those moving in the Hoover AL area, the best way to ensure a stress-free move is always to hire a reputable moving service.

Knowing how to detect a top moving company is not difficult. Just a few questions to the movers can give a clear picture of what can be expected as to customer service, moving day support and assistance throughout the move.

Move Specifics

Before contract any movers, there are a few pieces of information to know. The first is the specific moving dates, including when you want to move out of your current location and when you can move into your new location. Depending on these dates, short-term storage may be a necessity.
Additionally, if there is extra furniture that needs to be stored when the home is on the market, short term storage through the moving company is always a good idea.

For local or long distance moves, it is also essential to know a bit about the conditions at the two locations. Moving companies may or may not include stairs, distance from the vehicle to the residence, and even the need to use elevators in the move as factors when pricing.

Services Provided

Most movers provide standard services such as wrapping and padding, loading, unloading, and movement of furniture and boxes to the correct locations in the new residence.

Top moving companies may also offer a full range of additional services including packing and unpacking, crating, car transportation, assistance with home sales and mortgages, utility connection services and even support with temporary living accommodations.

Comparing the basic and advanced types of services offered by different moving companies in the Hoover AL, area allows you to choose the best match for your relocation needs.

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