Tips For Choosing TIG Welding Services

There are a lot of options for OEMs searching for welding services for low to high volume types of part production requirements. When it comes to TIG welding, there are several factors that OEMs should consider before making a choice on an outsourcing partner.

A Brief Overview

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), uses a tungsten electrode to provide the current for the welding arc. This tungsten electrode is non-consumable, and it is known as an effective process to create a very high-quality weld even with complicated welding requirements.

However, TIG welding services have to be experts in the process. The understanding of this type of welding includes understanding if a filler metal is required for the weld, and the correct options in arc voltage, weld speed, and the current used in the process and even the type of shielding gas used for the weld.

Selection Criteria

In addition to experience, comparing different aspects of TIG welding services should be a factor before making a final selection. Most TIG welding is manual, but some companies offer automated or robotic welding options, which typically provide faster turnaround on orders and greater weld consistency and quality.

Taking the time to review the types of TIG welding jobs completed by the company is highly recommended. This becomes critical if the TIG welding services are required for precision parts and components where industry standards and specific quality control factors are part of the order.

AWS Certification

Many of the top welding services have more than one AWS certification. These certifications demonstrate the company is able to provide welding to specific industries, different welding processes, and types, as well as for working with various types of alloys.

Cost, ability to complete orders on your timetable and the capacity to ramp up production as needed should also be considered as essential factors in choosing the best welding service.

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