Three Reasons Why Saint Gobain Hoses Are the Right Choice for Your Brewery

Microbreweries have been popping up everywhere for the last fifteen years. Everyone wants in on the microbrew business. If you have a microbrewery, you only want the best equipment. Saint Gobain hoses are the right type of liquid transfer hose for your brewery’s processing needs. Here are three reasons why.

Saint Gobain Hoses Are Sterile

Many of the hoses made by this company are used for pharmaceuticals, beverage making, and food processing. Ergo, the hoses have to be sterile to prevent contamination. Every hose made by this company is made with the intent to use it for these processes.

Saint Gobain Hoses Are Extremely Durable

These are industrial use hoses. Industrial processes need products that can take a beating and keep working. As such, these hoses are made with varying thicknesses to suit the needs of most industrial production processes, including your microbrewery.

These Hoses Are Extremely Flexible

Hoses that crimp, twist, pinch, bend, and otherwise create major hassles for your daily operations are not the hoses you want. Investing in good quality hoses that are extremely flexible without doing any of the aforementioned things are invaluable to your brewery and the transfer of fluids between vats. St. Gobain hoses can deliver exactly what you are looking for in a quality fluid transfer hose while simultaneously providing you all of the above worry-free benefits.

Where to Buy Your Hoses

There are many companies that supply breweries and microbreweries with equipment. They can sell direct, too. Ask specifically for Saint Gobain products.

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