Three Reasons Why Business Owners Should Rely On Professional Shredding Processes Instead Of Using Consumer-Grade Machines

Shredding sensitive information isn’t the most exciting task, but every business owner has to figure out how to do it. In addition, it must be done in a way that is both efficient and secure. Unfortunately, this can be hard to do when a business owner is using consumer-grade shredders to get the job done on their own. For those business owners who handle a lot of sensitive information on a regular basis, here’s why it’s in their best interests to work with a professional shredding company instead:

• Saving Time:
Most consumer grade shredders are very small and will take a long time to shred a lot of paper. This often means that shredding is going to take up a large chunk of the day for whoever is assigned to the task. Professional Shredding Processes can handle thousands of pounds of paper per hour, and having a professional company to get the job done will save time and allow employees to focus on their work instead of paper shredding.

• More Security:
If a business owner wants to keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands, then professional shredding services are a must. Unlike typical consumer-grade shredders, professional shredders use cross-cutting and other techniques to ensure that the information will be unreadable once shredded. In addition, having a professional to handle Shredding Processes means that a business owner won’t have to worry about unscrupulous employees having access to information that they shouldn’t be handling, which can help keep things much more secure.

• Better Compliance:
Any business owner who deals with sensitive customer information has a lawful obligation to handle that information appropriately. If it is found that this information has been mishandled, the business and the owner could face lawsuits and other legal penalties. Those who want to stay in compliance should definitely opt for professional shredding. Not only will a professional do a better job, but they’ll also provide business owners with a compliance certificate that can be presented in a case where proof of destruction is needed.

Simply put, choosing professional shredding saves business owners time and keeps their business secure. For those business owners who need to upgrade their shredding practices, it’s time to get in touch with the team at Shred Confidential. Visit to find out more about how professional shredding can provide greater peace of mind.

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