Three Practical Uses for Terracotta Pottery

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance one fact is true: you love terracotta vases. However, you may also find yourself with a dilemma. There’s only so much you can do with terracotta vases, can’t you? They’re typically used for outdoor decor or for providing a place for your treasured plants to thrive and grow. The truth of the matter is there is much more you can do with terracotta vases than the norm. Here are a few suggestions to try out within your own home.

Gift Baskets

Terracotta vases can easily hold more than just flowers. With a bit of reworking, they can also hold bundles of gifts for those you love. More specifically, you can stuff multiple small gifts into terracotta vases of any size for baby showers, birthday parties, Easter get-togethers and much more. You can even make the gift-giving aspect of using terracotta vases more fun by decorating your vases with paint and other elements.

Holiday Decorations

Speaking of decorating, terracotta vases can also be easily incorporated into your holiday decor. You can do this as simply as wrapping a big ribbon around the vase and filling them with winter plants or even placing non-organic decor into them that matches the rest of your decor’s color scheme. The possibilities are endless!

Serving Bowls

Some lightweight terracotta vases can easily be repurposed into innovative kitchenware for parties or even the average family dinner. The next time you host a get-together, whether it’s a birthday party or a barbecue, you can easily dispense your side dishes and appetizers into these pots and set them out for your guests to serve themselves. You may even find terracotta vases are more useful than serving bowls.

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