Three Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer In Austin

In an ideal world, people work until they’re 65 years old or so; then, receive monthly Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, people can become ill or injure themselves and lose their ability to work. When this occurs, the best option is to contact a local Social Security disability lawyer. Here’s why.

Free Advice and Service

Before someone hires a lawyer for Social Security disability in Austin, this person can get advice on the type of disability for which he or she is qualified. If the individual worked nine out of the past 15 years, he or she may be qualified for SSDI benefits, the higher-paying disability insurance. Similarly, disability attorneys do not charge clients upfront for legal services. Their firms usually receive the lesser amounts of 25% of clients’ backpay or $6,000 after winning decisions are rendered.

Recognizes Weaknesses In Cases

A lawyer for Social Security disability in Austin can discern certain weaknesses in clients’ cases. For example, a client with an environmental illness may not have enough medical documentation from an allergist or environmental disease expert. The lawyer will advise the client to obtain the medical records to improve his or her chance of getting disability benefits.

Advocate at Hearing

An experienced lawyer for Social Security disability in Austin will serve as an advocate at his clients’ hearings. This is when he or she can cite various medical documents to prove to the judge that his clients have veritable disabilities.

An Austin Social Security disability attorney can give a client peace of mind through the relatively lengthy disability process. This can include apprising the client that he or she has helped people with the same physical condition get disability insurance and backpay.

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