Three Advantages of Getting a Powder Coating on Your Metal Products

Bare steel is prone to rusting or corroding when in the presence of oxygen. This could result in deterioration that costs a lot to repair. Any type of steel that is going to be exposed to oxygen could benefit from powder coating. Consider these three advantages of powder coating in Dalton GA.

Enhanced Durability

Powder coated steel lasts longer than bare steel. The powder coating creates a seal around the metal so that oxygen cannot react with it in order to form rust. Powder coated surfaces are also more resistant to chips, scratches and dents. This is because the coating bonds with the metal, strengthening and protecting it. Compared to liquid paints that must be reapplied every year or two, a powder coating typically lasts for decades.

Safer for the Environment

Powder coats do not have any solvents. This means that they are safer for the environment compared to liquid paints. Most liquid paints contain volatile organic compounds. Those compounds interfere with the ozone layer. They can also be dangerous to breathe. The powder coating process releases minimal volatile organic compounds. Companies that are concerned about their “green” status or certification can choose powder coated materials with confidence.

Save Money

Another advantage of powder coating in Dalton, GA, is that it helps your business save money. With powder coating, you will not have to replace metal components as frequently as you would have to if they were left bare or covered with a liquid paint. You would also have less labor costs for painting, because painting must be done every year or two in order to maintain a covering on the metal. The environmental friendliness of powder-coated metals means that you may not need special filters, and you can take satisfaction in knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint left behind on the planet.

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