The Primary Responsibilities Of A Dental Laboratory

The first recorded American dental lab technician and expert were Dr. W.H. Stowe who, with his partner, Frank Eddy, had a commercial dental laboratory in Boston MA. Today, as a pioneer in this field of dentistry, Stowe is admired in labs across North America, including those in Ontario, Canada. He established the basic role and approach current labs to employ today.

Primary Responsibilities

Dental labs do not work in a vacuum. They work in partnership with dentists. This need to work with other parties does influence their role in providing services. The primary responsibilities of a dental laboratory are to:

  • Follow instructions exactly: Always pay close attention to the specifications a client supplies in the carefully drafted prescription
  • Ensure customer relations remain close, responsive and open. Accomplishing this means:
    • Replying promptly to emails
    • Always returning phone calls
    • Initiating communication when questions arise on such things as the actual shade, materials, design or other specifics about a component occur
  • Identify and correct any defects in the master the dentist supplies
  • Adhere to the health and safety regulation in preparing devices and their components
  • Provide prompt and effective services by the duly negotiated contract or service agreement
  • Keep abreast of any technological advancements in the field. This includes new design methods, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative or new material

A dental lab in Ontario must also conform to any legislation and proscriptions on its services, including those sanctioned by the Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC).

Dental Laboratory

A dental laboratory has a great many responsibilities. This applies to the dental professionals they work with and the patients that require their prosthetics and other services. Solaris Dental Solutions, operating throughout Ontario, strives hard to achieve this goal. They offer high quality and professional services, both designing and manufacturing standard and customized products.

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