The Disasters of Do-It-Yourself Printer Refills

The enticing prospect of saving a little bit of time, and an even bigger bit of money, understandably, appeals to nearly every printer user. However, don’t confuse an eventual Do-It-Yourself disaster with a cheap printer ink cartridges solution. Though the idea of using a printer cartridge refill kit can seem enticing, more often than not, it can lead to some very surprising dangers.

It Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Printer inks and toners are not necessarily toxic per se, however, much consideration is needed when handling these substances. Harmful fumes and irritable properties are just some of the dangers inks and toners possess. Exposure to these substances, even if temporary, can be extremely detrimental to both humans and animals.

It Can Be a Real Pain to Clean Up

Inevitably, drops and spills do happen during the cartridge refill process, especially for amateurs who aren’t quite sure what they’re doing. Toner and ink spills can pose a real problem, and can generally stain and ruin any surface they come into contact with. Ink can splatter everywhere, and may be virtually impossible to remove, while tiny toner powder particles can disperse into the air. Imagine cleaning up that mess!

It Can Be a Really Expensive Mistake

An improperly resealed ink cartridge can leak inside your printer, permanently damaging it. Even though you started out this project with the intention of saving money, all of a sudden you need to buy yourself an entirely new printer. Not so cost effective after all!

It Can Be Voiding Your Warranty

Refilling your own printer cartridges effectively voids your warranty. Once an original cartridge has been manually refilled it is no longer considered to be a valid product by the manufacturers. Furthermore, to add fuel to the fire, by having insisted on utilizing a warranty voided cartridge, your printer warranty will now be considered void as well. In the end, cheap printer ink cartridges cannot be hacked!

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