The Different Options In Moving Companies In Baton Rouge

There are three basic types of moving services, which may also be known as relocation companies, found in Baton Rouge and throughout most of the world. They are the local moving service, long distance moving companies, and international relocation services.

Large national or international moving services will typically provide all three types of moving options. Smaller movers tend to focus on local moving rather than long distance or international moves simply because of the additional licensing, labor, equipment and logistics challenges.

To understand the differences, here is a summary of the three types of moving companies and the types of services they offer.

Local Movers

Local movers typically have a set distance they will travel. Some companies may travel 100 miles out of Baton Rouge while others may travel throughout the state. They do not provide moving services to other states, even neighboring states.

Local relocation services may offer a range of services from very basic to a full scope of services that can be customized to the needs of their customers.

Long Distance Movers

Long distance, long haul or interstate moves are moves that cross a state border. These are more complex moves as there may be warehousing and routing requirements as well as coordinating movers at both ends of the move.

Long distance moving companies tend to offer a full range of services including car transport, assistance with temporary lodging and even help with aspects of the home sale and closing.

International Movers

International movers build on the services of Baton Rouge long distance moving services to add management of transporting household or business contents across international borders. This requires a global network of moving company partners as well as a complete understanding of customs requirements for shipping items into and out of the United States.

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