Business Owners Depend On Commercial Landscapers in Overland Park KS

Commercial buildings can be downtown with no green space at all or they can occupy large lots with lawns and flower gardens. Buildings can be located on different sized lots with a few planters at the front door and lots of blacktop parking or they can have well-designed exterior areas with grass, trees, and shrubbery. There can be benches for the public to sit on and even water features for all passing by to enjoy. What a commercial building should not have is an unkept lot full of garbage and weeds.

Improving Outdoor Commercial Spaces

Often the building owner and their maintenance people do not have the time or expertise to design, install, and keep up a nice exterior landscape area. But, an unimproved lot will drive some customers away. Trash filled, weedy lots give a bad first impression to customers and may be dangerous or illegal. Most city governments have regulations in place to deal with neglected, messy lots.

When a property owner decides it is time to make their outdoor space as impressive as their inside space, they can call Commercial Landscapers in Overland Park KS. These professional landscape and general contracting companies such as Artisan Creations, LLC are licensed and insured to do business in the area. They know what plants will do well with a minimum of care and which plants and trees to avoid in public spaces.

A professional landscape company can turn a neglected, unsightly lot around a business into a park-like space for employees and customers to enjoy. They take into consideration, the property owner’s budget, size lot, preferences in design, and level of care available from employees. They offer affordable and practical solutions to problems such as foot traffic, drainage, shade, soil quality, and other issues.

Creating and Maintaining landscapes

Commercial Landscapers in Overland Park KS can create an entirely new landscape design, improve an existing exterior area, or anything in between. The design can be simple and easy to maintain. It can also offer a place for people to sit and eat lunch with benches and shade trees. Landscape companies offer maintenance contracts where they come at specified times and mow grass or pick up refuse from a lot. They can trim or remove overgrown trees and shrubs and they can plant and care for flower beds. Contact for additional information.

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