The Differences Between a Hotel and A Villa

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time a hard work, and that work includes finding the right accommodations for your stay. Most people choose to stay in a hotel, because they think their options are limited. In reality, you could choose to stay in one of the Disney Orlando villas instead. If you have never been afforded the luxury of staying in a villa, you may wonder what the difference is from the tried-and-true hotel stay.

Size Matters

Whether you’re travelling with a group or with one of two people, you need to consider the size of your party when booking your stay. In a hotel, you usually are all in one room or two adjoined rooms, forced to share a bed and a bathroom with multiple other guests. However, the best part about renting a villa for your stay is the amount of space you have. Instead of bumping into your loved ones every time you want to open your suitcase, claim your own room in the house to get dressed in peace.

Full-Service Area

Even in a luxury hotel, your room’s kitchen appliances will probably be very limited, but that’s not the case in a villa. While a hotel room will have a coffeemaker and possibly a microwave, a villa has a full-service kitchen with full-sized appliances, instead of the miniature versions in a hotel room. A villa allows you to buy and store the ingredients you need to make a home-cooked meal; in case you want something that is more cost-efficient for the whole family.

Feels Like Home

A hotel is the same in every single unit, whereas a villa is a separate house, allowing you to relax easier during your vacation. A hotel can seem impersonal, but it functions as a good room to stay in between activities. By renting a villa, you have more opportunities, giving you the area you need to curl up with a good book in one room, while another guest relaxes out in the front of the house. A villa gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet, as if you were at home.

Choose a Villa

Travelling to Orlando is a unique experience, and renting a villa would just add to the occasion. Pack your bags, pick out your room, and create a plan of action for the next few days of fun with your friends and family. You can stay at a hotel anywhere, but a villa is a rare experience that you need to enjoy while you have the chance.

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