Talk to a Child Custody Law Attorney in Green Valley, AZ When You File for Divorce

When you go through a divorce, you must divide more than assets. You also need to learn more about how to hold onto your rights as your child’s custodial parent. The court determines custody based on each parent’s current situation and the parent who holds the most influence in care.

Therefore, if custody happens to be a concern in your divorce settlement, you need to contact a child custody law attorney in Green Valley, AZ. Doing so will give you a better idea of what to expect after you file for divorce and begin a new life. Maybe you are not filing for divorce. Perhaps a custody issue has been raised because you are not married.

Speak to an Attorney without Delay

If you are a mother and the father is seeking custody, you need to speak to a child custody law attorney immediately. He or she can help you pursue the same rights. The law in Arizona makes it clear that both parents should share in child rearing unless a custody order is filed.

In addition, a child custody law attorney can help you with paternity issues. If you are a mother who requests child support by way of a court order, paternity needs to be determined. In some instances, a father will not comply as he wishes to avoid supporting a child financially.

Choose an Experienced Legal Representative

Once you schedule an appointment with an attorney, you can learn more about custody issues and how the law in Arizona affects your chances and custody rights. Take time now to find out what you can do to establish sole custody, for instance. How you proceed with the matter will be contingent on the type of legal advice you obtain. Make sure that your attorney is well experienced in the matter and can offer his or her legal insight.

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