SSI Advocates and Their Role in Helping Claimants Win Their Case

While individuals are not required to have an SSI advocate for their disability case, many choose to obtain one. SSI Advocates can be a great help when a disability hearing will be held before a federal judge, however, and many individuals choose to hire an attorney when the case reaches this stage. Although other individuals may serve in this capacity, such as a former Social Security Administration employee, quite a few people choose an attorney to ensure all legal aspects of the case are handled properly.

What Will This Advocate Do?

A person who has filed for disability may hesitate to hire an advocate as they are concerned about their finances. The disability has already had a major impact on every area of their life, and they might opt not to spend the money for this representation. However, the advocate represents the claimant in all interactions with the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, the SSA cannot speak to the claimant without permission from the representative, as this helps to protect the claimant’s interests. The advocate works to ensure the claim is won and takes the steps needed to maximize the odds of this happening.

When to Hire an Advocate?

Individuals may want to begin researching SSI Advocates before filing a disability claim. However, many advocates simply monitor the case in the initial stages, as the majority of claims are denied when the person first applies. In addition, an even larger number of cases are rejected at the reconsideration appeal. If the case reaches the point where a disability hearing is needed, the advocate steps in to assist the claimant. Nevertheless, each case is different, and the advocate may feel the need to step in at an earlier time.

To learn more about the role of an SSI advocate and how he or she may be of assistance to a claimant, visit Your future and health are of great importance, and obtaining disability benefits can be of great assistance in ensuring your quality of life. Don’t let the Social Security Administration deny a valid claim. The firm can be of help in ensuring your rights are protected and receive any compensation you are entitled to at this time.

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