Social Security And The Law

In the United States the federal government is responsible for administering Social Security. Social Security, which dates back to the time of President Roosevelt, is designed to help those who have reached the age at which they can retire as well as those that suffer a physical or mental disability. The laws that cover Social Security in Kansas City focus on these two distinct groups of people. The laws in effect are used to determine if applicants are eligible for benefits, both retirees and disabled.

Many Social Security laws deal with the retirement of workers as they approach and reach the minimum age of retirement, this age is usually between 62 and 65 depending on specific situations. The laws in effect are used by the administration to determine the retiree’s eligibility, the method that the retiree elects to have payments made and where payments will be delivered. These and other issues depend a great deal on the applicant’s age when they retire and the amount of tax that they paid into the system over their working life.

There are people who are eligible for Social Security in Kansas City prior to reaching the age of retirement. These people are those who suffer from a disability, either physical or mental, a disability which makes it impossible for them to work, earn a living and support themselves and their family. There are numerous laws that apply to those applying for disability benefits and in the event the application is denied, and the greatest majority is; there are rules, regulations and laws that apply to various levels of appeal. Due to the complexity of these laws the applicant will normally engage the services of a lawyer who is well versed in this unique area of law.

As well as retirement and disability benefits, Social Security in Kansas City also provides survivor benefits. Should one spouse die the law sets out when and how the benefits that at one time went to the deceased can be transferred to the surviving partner. Social Security law also provides support for the minor children if one of the parents should die.

Social Security, although very helpful to millions of Americans is a complex area and in the event of any issues with the laws, it is always best to consult with a lawyer that has in-depth knowledge, especially those people that must file an appeal should they be denied benefits.

Social Security in Kansas City is valuable as it helps millions of people in the United States that are retired or suffer from a disability. If you have been denied disability benefits you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group.

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