Signs You Should Be Checked By the Gastroenterology Physicians Petal MS

There are multiple reasons individuals need to see the Gastroenterology Physicians Petal MS. There are certain symptom warnings that should never be ignored. It is imperative individuals are aware of the signs they need to see the specialist so their digestive health needs can be properly addressed and treated.

Signs a Person Needs to See the Gastroenterologist

Being aware of the signs a person needs the Gastroenterology Physicians Petal MS is vital. If any of the following signs are occurring, it would be wise for an individual to schedule a consultation appointment so their symptoms can be discussed right away.

  • If a person is experiencing ongoing rectal bleeding, they need to be checked. Hemorrhoids and rectal cancer can both cause bleeding so this symptom should never be ignored.
  • Ongoing changes in bowel habits should also be considered as a sign a person needs to seek treatment. Chronic changes in bowel movements, including frequency or type, should be checked by the doctor.
  • Pale-colored stools are concerning and should be checked by the gastroenterologist. This can be a sign of liver damage, especially if pale stools are occurring frequently.
  • Abdominal pain that is chronic in nature needs to be investigated by the specialist. There are many causes of abdominal pain and some can be serious. Testing needs to be carried out to ensure there is not a serious cause.
  • Changes in appetite, especially a loss of one, should be checked to determine the cause. It is especially troublesome when a loss of appetite accompanies weight loss.
  • Esophageal pain can be a sign of acid reflux disease causing erosions. Erosions in the esophagus can lead to an increased risk of esophageal cancer so it should not be ignored.

Schedule an Appointment Right Away

Those who would like to learn more about these services are urged to visit Call the office of Hattiesburg G.I. Associates right away to schedule an appointment. They will address your symptoms and perform the proper testing to ensure your condition is brought under control. Do not delay in seeking medical treatment for the above because they can have serious underlying causes.

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