Should You Hire Social Security Disability Lawyers In Austin?

The choice for anyone in Austin to hire a Social Security disability lawyer is a personal decision, particularly with the initial application. In many cases, the injured person files the application for Social Security Disability without an attorney, and there is only a need to involve an attorney if the initial application is denied.

When hiring a Social Security disability lawyer after a denial, it is important to choose an attorney and a law firm specializing in this type of legal work. As this can be both emotionally stressful as well as a financial issue for families, having the best possible representation for your case should always be a priority.

Issues to Consider

There are some Social Security Disability types of cases that are immediately an issue for consideration, even during the initial application. The Social Security Administration lists specific conditions that meet the criteria for approval, but not all conditions that can be debilitating are included.

These types of medical conditions, or where it may difficult to prove the disability, should be handled by an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. These professionals ensure that the documentation the Social Security Administration is looking for is included in the application, reducing the risk of a denial at this initial claim stage.


In the event of a denial of the application, having an experienced lawyer familiar with Social Security Disability and SSA requirements and processes is essential. It is possible to represent yourself, but knowing what the appeal process entails, what the hearing encompasses and what the Administrative Law Judge needs to see is essential for your case.

Keep in mind; there are also timelines for all of the steps in the appeals process. Failing to meet a timeline means losing your case, all which can be prevented by using an experienced Social Security attorney in Austin.

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