Server Side PHP Programming

Different types of scripting languages are used on websites. PHP is a specific type of scripting language that is open source, and that is used mostly on the server side of a website. It is often found embedded in HTML, but it has advantages over HTML.

With HTML, each specific action that is required has to have its own line of code written by the developer. With PHP, a specific line of code can represent an action or an output that is designated by specific symbols. These symbols are , to move out of PHP mode.

Server Side Security

With PHP programming completed on the server side, the HTML is generated on the server, sending the specific output directly to the client. This provides an additional layer of protection as the end receiver, the client, only sees the HTML generated but not the code that actually creates the script and makes it operate.

The use of PHP programming is not restricted to one particular server platform. This allows web developers the maximum freedom to incorporate the PHP script and to use already developed script available throughout.

Operating Systems

In addition to using all server options, the use of PHP programming also allows for all of the commonly used operating systems. This includes Unix, Linux, Windows as well as with Mac operating systems.

With the flexibility and versatility offered by PHP, it is no wonder, so many developers choose this scripting language. It is important to note that, while used primarily for server-side scripts, it can also be used for the development of desktop applications. It is not as easy to use in this format, but it does offer features that make it a good option to consider when specific features and functions are critical for the application.

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