Septic Cleaning in Findlay Ohio Should Be Scheduled When Indications of Problems Occur

Septic Cleaning in Findlay Ohio should be done as recommended to prevent sewer backups and allow technicians to inspect the tank for problems. During the year, any unusual occurrences that could indicate trouble with the system should not be ignored. A septic system cleaning company can be called to pump the tank and determine whether any repair work is needed.

Symptoms of Problems

Some symptoms that could spell trouble include odd gurgling sounds coming from the drains, foul odors like sewage indoors or outside, and areas where the grass is greener and fuller than in the rest of the yard. If that grass is over the tank, pipes or drain field, the system should be inspected as sewage may be leaking. The grass appreciates the extra fertilizer. Damp land over the drain field for no apparent reason also should not be ignored, especially if it smells unpleasant.

As a rule, septic tanks and drain fields don’t have problems with freezing in this part of the country because bitterly cold temperatures are rare and don’t last very long. However, if the property owner notices ice patches above the drain field, that’s another signal that contaminated liquid is bubbling to the ground surface and freezing there. Normally, the liquid is slowly filtered through the soil in a percolation method that thoroughly cleans it. Liquid and ice should not be found at the surface.

Potential Consequences

Sewage leaking from a tank, pipes or equipment in the leach field causes ground and water pollution. If technicians who perform Septic Cleaning in Findlay Ohio discover that the system has been leaking, the property owner should have the well water tested to make sure it has not been contaminated. The situation must be resolved quickly or the company must report the situation to the county. That can lead to the property being condemned until the system is repaired or replaced.

Contacting Technicians for Assistance

This on-site private sewage system typically works very effectively for many years. If problems start to occur, technicians from a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services should be called for assistance. See for information. Find us on Facebook!

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