Security Systems in San Antonio TX: It’s About More Than Just a Burglar Alarm

Your home’s security system is no stronger than its weakest part, and if your equipment is too complex to be used easily, it will likely be ignored. Your family is part of your home security system, and you need to be realistic about the level of inconvenience they’ll tolerate to be more secure. Below are some tips on beefing up security systems San Antonio TX.


Make Your Home Look Occupied

Most home burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Thieves look for unguarded, unoccupied homes, and part of keeping your home safe is to make it look just the opposite. Don’t allow mail to accumulate in your mailbox, and don’t let newspapers pile up in the yard. Put your lights and TV on a timer, so they come on at random times even when you’re not home. Even having a car parked in your driveway when you’re away can be a deterrent.

Defend Your Perimeter

The best security systems San Antonio TX start with a strong perimeter such as a high fence or wall. Despite its effectiveness, this security method does have shortcomings, and it can lull you into a false sense of safety. Remember to lock your windows and doors, and supplement your fence or wall with motion sensors and cameras.

Light Your Entrances

Most thieves don’t want to be seen, and to prevent them from getting what they want, be sure your home’s exterior points of entry are properly lit. Inexpensive motion lights are easy to install, and they can turn on whenever something (or someone) gets close.

Put Peepholes and Deadbolts on Doors

Your home’s doors have two security issues: locks and structural integrity. A deadbolt is best for exterior doors, and they come in levered and keyed versions. Sliding glass doors present certain security challenges, as they can easily be broken. Consider putting a broomstick or metal bar in the track on the inside of the door to prevent unauthorized opening.

Adjust the screws at the door’s bottom and top to prevent it from getting lifted out of the track. You should have a peephole on your front door to see who’s there without opening the door, and you should also consider installing an intercom for that same reason.

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