How to Safely Stretch Ear Lobes with Ear Piercing Tunnels

Ear piercing tunnels are like plugs except you can see through them. Safely stretching your ear lobes using ear piercing tunnels is a process, when done right will give you the results that you hope for safely. The key to successfully stretching your ear lobes is to follow the steps to the tee.

What You Need to Know

Obviously, you will need to have your ears pierced to get started. Ear lobe stretching does not have to be permanent, if you only stretch to no more than 0 gauge, it is best if you stay at a 2 gauge. If you stretch your ear lobes slowly, you can avoid tearing the earlobe and the holes will shrink when you take the tunnels out. Regular ear piercing is done at 18 gauges, most experts recommend starting with a 16-gauge tunnel or taper to get started. Wash your hands and the tunnels good and wipe with alcohol. You will need:

  • Lubricant (vitamin E or other oil)
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Moisturizer

After cleaning the tunnel with some alcohol, the next step is wiping some of the lubricant on the tunnel to help it slip into place. Slowly slip the tunnel into the piercing, it should not hurt. Take your time and work the tunnel into the ear lobe. Next step is care.

Caring for Your Ear Lobes

If you want to do things right you should wear the 16-gauge tunnels for 6 weeks, during that time keep your ear lobes clean and moisturized to help with the stretching. You can buy the next size gauge when you buy your 16’s to get started at! You may notice a foul smell from time to time, that is normal, but you should not experience pain, redness or any weeping.

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