Restore Your Smile With Denture Implants in Shepherdsville KY

Everyone wants to have a full set of teeth that will allow them to smile with confidence and be able to chew their food normally. Unfortunately, issues can arise that cause a person to lose some of their natural teeth. When a person’s teeth are missing, it is important they realize there are options that will allow them to replace their teeth. Thankfully, dentures can be put in place with secure dental titanium implants so they stay in place and allow a person to chew their food normally without fear of slippage. People can overcome their smile issues with Denture Implants in Shepherdsville KY.

Before the dentures can be worn, the dentist must implant the titanium implants that will be placed in the jawbone. These are made of titanium because it is the only known metal that will bond with human bone tissue. The implants are put in place at select intervals so the complete denture plate will be able to be secured to the gums. These dentures do not require any bonding agent and they will not slip out of place during eating.

Each implant is put down in the socket so it will be able to bond with the bone tissue. The bonding process takes place over a period of weeks or months, depending on the person’s health. Once bonded, the dentures can be properly secured to the posts so they do not move about during normal chewing and biting.

It is important the patient follows their dentist’s instructions for care as they are healing from their implant procedure. Most people do not feel any major pain but the surgery can cause some discomfort. The dentist will advise their patient on what pain medications they can use to find relief.

If you are ready to transform your smile, you may be interested in Denture Implants in Shepherdsville KY. Contact Hillview Family Dentistry and allow them to take care of all of your dental needs. With a denture implants, your smile can be made complete so you never have to feel ashamed of smiling again. Call them today for your consultation appointment to get started.

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