Reserving One of the Wedding Halls in Fort Wayne IN When Deciding to Marry Very Soon

Years ago, a man and woman who wanted to get married without waiting might elope to Las Vegas. Many couples still do that, but it’s no longer necessary for most people because most states have relaxed their regulations. Most, including Indiana, do not require blood tests for a marriage license, and there is no waiting period after obtaining the license. Can a couple who wants to marry quickly still reserve one of the wedding halls in Fort Wayne IN for a reception?

A Day That Isn’t Busy

They shouldn’t hesitate to do some investigating into possible options. If they’re willing to hold their reception at one of the less common days and times, that will make it easier to reserve one of the wedding halls in Fort Wayne IN relatively soon. They could expect Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings to be booked far in advance. Holding the reception on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening might open up more opportunities.

Holding a Reception Later

Another option that some couples choose is to get married within a week or two after making the big decision, and then have their reception several weeks later. They might have a smaller gathering for immediate family and their closest friends right after they get married, then throw a big party later on.


Getting married soon after a couple decides they want to be together forever doesn’t necessarily mean they just met. It doesn’t always mean they have only been dating for a month or two. Sometimes they have been together for a year or more, and after deciding to be engaged, they see no reason to wait. They don’t have an interest in planning a big wedding, although they would like to have a nice reception with lunch or dinner.

People sometimes decide to set a wedding date quickly if they discover they’ll be having a baby. And people on a different side of the age spectrum may want to marry soon once they decide because they are in their senior years. Perhaps they aren’t comfortable living together without being married, and they don’t want to waste any time. Contact us to learn more about Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center.

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