Repairing Baseboard Heating When It Doesn’t Feel Warm Enough

If someone uses Baseboard Heating within their home, they may find from time to time the heater will not emit air at the proper temperature. There are several reasons why the temperature is not as warm as one would like. Here are a few troubleshooting steps to take to find the source of the problem of inadequate heating.

First, the heater should be checked to make sure it is plugged in properly and that there are no frayed portions of wiring. If there appears to be an electrical problem, a professional should be called to assess the situation. Check that the thermostat has not been turned down to a lower temperature. The damper control should also check to be sure it is open, allowing air to be forced into the room. If this was mistakenly switched to an off position, heat will be contained in the unit rather than dispersed through the room.

Take the baseboard heater cover off and check the coils for any buildup of debris. Often a home with pets will find the coils are covered with fur, making it necessary to vacuum the heater coils often. Make sure the heater is unplugged before using a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust and grime from the coils. At this time, check that the fins are not bent and use a fin comb to straighten them if necessary. This will help push the air toward the proper direction.

Do not place draperies or large pieces of furniture directly in front of baseboard heaters. This would cause the heat to remain close to the heater itself instead of being pushed around the room. Sometimes carpeting or rugs can block the airflow as well so it is important to check regularly to see if they are obstructing the heat’s pathway.

If someone wants more information about Baseboard Heating, they can contact a reputable heating service in their area to ask questions pertaining to maintenance. Check out website to find out more about heating installation options as well as how to do routine maintenance steps. An appointment can be made to evaluate a current system or to install a new one if desired.

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