Railgate Lift Gate Maintenance Tips

When you add lift gates to your trucks, you make it easier on your workers. Not only is it easier to load and unload trucks, but it is also much safer, and you may avoid many lost-time injury claims. However, even the best railgates from Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno CA need some maintenance from time to time. Here are some railgate maintenance tips to keep your liftgates in good condition.

Outrail Lubrication

The outrails are what guides your gate up and down during operation. They should have frequent lubrication. Make sure and follow the recommendations from Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno, CA. For example, they do not recommend using grease on outrails. You should instead use oil. Grease is not a good idea because it attracts dirt and grit from the road, and this can interfere with the operation of your liftgate. When lubricating, always check for debris and clear it from the tracks.

Roller Chains

The roller chains are an important part of the drive system on your railgate. Make sure they stay lubricated, and you should not use standard motor oil. Instead, lubricate with a non-detergent oil, which is petroleum-based. You can get to the chain from the outrails, or you may need to remove the cover. Lubrication needs to be done at least every fifteen hundred operation cycles or one hundred and twenty days (about four months)


According to Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno, CA, how you use your liftgate is very important. When used properly, it lasts a long time and gives you dependable service. When you load the platform, make sure to center the load before you lift or lower. If the load is very heavy, center it towards the back of the truck. This can help to prevent breakdowns and repairs.

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