Questions To Ask A Metal Stamping Service

Hiring a metal stamping company is a smart decision for the vast majorities of OEMs of all sizes across the country. Trying to complete metal stamping in-house is a costly initial investment in equipment and trained operators, and it continues to be a cost in maintenance, repair, and ongoing upgrading of the machines and equipment.

The Outsourcing Advantage

In outsourcing to a reputable, quality-focused metal stamping service, the OEM has all of the benefits of a specialized team of professionals with the latest in equipment and none of the associated costs. Instead, the contract manufacturer or service provider simply provides a contract quote or a per order price and completes the work to your specifications and to the agreed upon budget and delivery.

However, as with any type of outsourcing consideration, it is important to get to know the metal stamping service. By narrowing down choices to ISO 9001 companies, you are already assured of a focus on quality control and customer satisfaction, which are two central factors to choosing a provider.

Questions To Answer

While ISO 9001 certification is a significant aspect of any metal stamping service, there are other questions that should be asked and answered as well. Informative websites by the top companies often provide these answers and also give prospective OEMs a good understanding of the scope of work, the equipment, and the capacity of the service.

At the very least, be sure to know:

  • How long the metal stamping company has been in business
  • The types of parts and components they have made for OEMs in your industry or a similar industry
  • The production capacity specific to your order
  • The ability to work with the alloy, grade, and type of metal your project requires

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