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Whether the new building is going to be a warehouse, shopping, center, school, or hospital, it will require quality roofing, installed by experienced professionals. A properly designed and constructed roof serves a number of functions, not the least of which is to protect the building contents from the elements. A roof also provides a building with the necessary structural integrity to keep it stable, regardless of the external forces placed upon it. Roofing also helps insulate a building, providing a barrier between the interior and the exterior. These are all reasons why it can be so important to select a roofing company with the experience and capabilities to do the job properly, on a budget, and on time.

Even commercial roofs have a limited lifetime, and it takes experienced professionals to get the maximum number of years out of any type of roofing. The overall useful life of a roof can be dramatically increased by regularly-scheduled inspections and maintenance performed by skilled roofing professionals. Regular inspections can reveal even minor damage and allow it to be repaired before it becomes a major problem that will cost considerably more to fix. Even the best roof will eventually succumb to time and the elements and need to be replaced, but regular attention can postpone that day.

It doesn’t matter if the job at hand requires a new roof, a re-roofing, repair, or simple maintenance; it still calls for the best quality equipment and roofing products, as well as exceptional workmanship. High quality roofing doesn’t just happen. It takes years of experience in the business, highly-trained roofers, and attention to detail to build a reputation. And once that reputation has been realized, a company has to work twice as hard to retain it. With over 60 years of roofing experience, the professionals at Orndorff & Spaid, Inc. can handle any commercial roofing project, large or small. Using the latest equipment, their highly-trained roofers can deliver efficient, cost-effective roofing expertise on repairs, maintenance, and new roofing projects. Family owned and operated since 1953, they have been providing quality roofing as well as outstanding customer service in the community and are always looking to expand their list of satisfied clients.

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