Protecting Your Business from Disaster: Fire Prevention Tips for Business

Fire safety is not something that most small business owners like to think about, but fires pose a huge threat to small businesses. In addition to property damage and downtime, there is the potential for owners and employees to be injured or even killed. We hope this advice will help your business mitigate its fire hazard as you consider investing in fire suppression system in Louisville, KY area.

Appoint a Safety Officer

Regardless of the size of your business, it is helpful to have at least one employee who can run point on fire safety. This individual must be able to plan fire prevention measures and conduct regular drills to prepare for any real-life emergency.

Check Your Wires

Have your business’ electrical wiring regularly checked by a professional electrician and make sure to have the professional look into any frayed or damaged wires you spot. Don’t overload your outlets with too many cords, either.

Take Care of Your Machines

Keep all office equipment in proper working order. Make sure they’re properly cleaned and maintained and turn them off when they’re not in use. Keep all appliances away from flammable materials and be sure to leave a space between heat-creating appliances like computers and coffee makers and the wall behind them.

Take Out the Trash

This should be a given, but make sure your garbage and recyclables don’t pile up too much around the office.

Get a Good Alarm System

A cutting-edge fire suppression system, complete with alarm and sprinklers, is vital to your company’s safety. Think about buying a fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, and make sure to have it tested on a regular basis.

Don’t Neglect the Fire Extinguishers

Every room should have one, and they should be full. Replenish them at necessary intervals, and make sure employees know how to use them. Contact Sonitrol today, for more information.

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