Protect Property With Retaining Walls In Brookfield, WI

What does a homeowner do when their property backs up to an unstable hill, higher ground, or if the front yard is higher than the sidewalk? Hilly, uneven yards can be very problematic. Erosion after rain events can cause a lot of damage, and so can improper drainage and standing water. Even if that hill is not very tall, it can still make using the backyard space problematic. Professional grading of the yard space and the addition of retaining walls in Brookfield WI can make a world of difference.

Managing Hilly Uneven Yard Spaces

Moving into a new home with minimal landscape treatment may not seem like a problem at first. But, when that first big rainstorm hits or the first winter thaw happens, problems can become apparent. Moving dirt, standing water, muddy areas, erosion, and other problems may interfere with the use of the yard. It does not matter if the home is on top or at the bottom of a hill, drainage and erosion can be very damaging.

Hiring an experienced professional landscape company such as Outdoor Living Unlimited can be the answer. These companies are experienced in managing uneven yards in practical and attractive ways. Creative use of retaining walls can stabilize the landscape. Proper drainage, grading, and buried watering systems are essential to a landscape that functions properly. Retaining walls can hold the homeowner’s yard in place so it does not slide downhill and it can keep the neighbor’s dirt and rocks from drifting into the yard. They can also help control water runoff from uphill.

Adding Beautiful And Useful Landscape Features

Once a landscape is stabilized with Retaining Walls in Brookfield WI and supplied with drainage and a watering system, more interesting features can be added. Some popular hardscape features to add to a landscape are outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, paths, patios, outdoor kitchens, aquascapes, screened porches, pergolas, arbors, and sunrooms. Larger landscapes can have a tennis court or small putting greens added. Think about a child’s play area complete with sandbox and playhouse. As children get older, they might want a basketball hoop and court added. For more information and pricing, contact Outdoor Living Unlimited.

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