Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide

Protecting the family is the most important thing to most people. There are things we all do to keep the ones we love safe – from vaccinations and hand-washing to smoke detectors and seat belts – safety is a daily issue. Take it a step further with digital carbon monoxide alarms.

First Alert offers a wide range of carbon monoxide detectors. These help families to be aware of a deadly, odorless, colorless gas that can invade homes. Since people cannot smell the gas, or see it, as they can with smoke, these alarms will give valuable time to get out of the house.

Digital carbon monoxide alarms have an LED display that will show how much carbon monoxide is in the air. They also display the home temperature. 85-decibel alarms are loud enough to wake sleeping households. These alarms sound when the carbon levels become unsafe. Some models come with a 10-year battery for worry-free continuous protection. The electrochemical sensors are very sensitive to carbon monoxide changes in the air.

Today, the digital carbon monoxide alarm is slim and sleek. No longer are bulky models required to be mounted on the walls. Choose to set them on a bedside table or in the child’s nursery. Modern models with the thin design can also still be mounted to a wall if desired. Place them wherever they are needed.

Other features can include at-a-glance readings, test-buttons, and some even let users know when the carbon monoxide detector is wearing out and needs to be replaced. There are models that have dual power sources. Plug them into an outlet. If the power is lost, the battery back-up feature will still alarm if levels get to high.

For 60 years, First Alert has been protecting families and homes. Choose their products for your family.

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