Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques from Dentists in Pampa TX

For most people, brushing their teeth is something they do daily, without giving much thought to the actual process. However, getting into this type of routine can be detrimental to a person’s overall oral health. Developing and sticking with proper brushing techniques is essential to maintain the health of a person’s mouth and smile. Some tips from Dentists in Pampa TX regarding proper brushing techniques can be found here.

How to Brush

It is important to use the right “form” to brush teeth. The toothbrush should be tilted at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. A person should also brush in small circles, rather than straight across the teeth. This is both gentle on the teeth and gums and effective for removing plaque.

Brush for the Proper Amount of Time

Effective brushing will take a minimum of two minutes. Be sure to brush for this amount of time by using a stopwatch or egg timer. This is the amount of time it will take to effectively reach all the surfaces of the teeth.

Brush Twice Daily

It is important to brush the teeth one time in the morning and once at night. It is also important not to eat in the middle of the night. If a person sleeps right after they eat, it will increase their risk of developing cavities.

Replace the Toothbrush Frequently

It is recommended by the ADA that a new toothbrush is purchased every three to four months. As time passes, the bristles of a toothbrush can become worn, which will make it much less effective at removing bacteria and plaque. It is also essential to replace a toothbrush after a person is sick, or the germs from the sickness may start to reinfect the person.

In addition to brushing the teeth the right way, it is important to visit Dentists in Pampa TX on a regular basis. Regardless of a person’s age, proper brushing and regular visits to Panhandle Dental are essential for healthy teeth and gums. For those who are interested, they can Click Here to learn more about oral health and what they should and should not do to protect their teeth, mouth, and gums.

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