For Pregnancy and Birthing Problems, Head to the Veterinary Hospital in Millersville

It’s both an exciting and dangerous time when your dog is pregnant. A lot can go wrong. When something just doesn’t seem right or it’s obvious there’s a problem, call the veterinary hospital in Millersville.

Nutritional Imbalances

Nutritional imbalances normally happen because the owner is trying too hard to do the right thing for the pregnant dog. Unfortunately, a pregnant dog should never be given any supplements, especially phosphorus and calcium, unless they have been recommended by an experienced veterinarian. A high-quality diet should supply what the dog and puppies need. Giving the dog too many supplements can disturb the dog’s normal nutritional regulating mechanisms, increasing the risk of milk fever or eclampsia after the birth.


There are many organisms which can infect a pregnant dog, presenting a danger to both mother and puppies. Potential problems include:

* Infertility, fetus resorption or abortion, puppy death – Brucella canis

* Reproductive tract infection – Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Camphylobacter, Streptococcus

* Lost pregnancy, abnormal or dead puppies – Canine herpesvirus


During pregnancy, these drugs should not be given to the dam. Do not use any over-the-counter or prescription medications without clearing it with the vet.

* Chloramphenicol

* Tetracycline

* Aminoglycoside antibiotics

* Corticosteroids

* Anesthetics

* Estrogenic/androgenic compounds

Uterine Inertia

Uterine inertia happen when the mother can’t deliver the puppies because the uterine muscles can’t contract and push the puppies from the uterus. She may not seem to be in any distress. At times, one or two puppies may be delivered normally, but then labor stops even though there are still puppies waiting to be born.

The veterinarian will need to run some tests and do x-rays and/or an ultrasound. It may be necessary to induce labor with drugs or perform a cesarean section.

Identifying a Problem

* Check the date. Gestation normally lasts 63 days. Begin checking the dog’s temperature at 50+ days. It will drop one degree 8-24 hours prior to birth.

* The only signs of early labor may be shivering, nervousness or nesting. When contractions are visible, birth is 30 minutes away.

* A dark green discharge could mean the placenta is separating. If 4 hours have passed since the last puppy birth, head to the emergency vet hospital.

When you need a veterinary hospital in Millersville, Gambrills Veterinary Center will give your pet the high quality care you’re looking for, especially in an emergency.

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