Planning The Right Metal Drilling Operation

While drilling through metal parts can be a very simple process, there are a variety of factors that can make this more of a challenge, particularly when it comes to precision parts and components. Working with a highly experienced metalworking shop is important if you need CNC or manual drilling to meet specific tolerances and requirements.

Different Options to Consider

The key in providing quality a drilling operation is to use the correct equipment for the project as well as for the metal, alloy or plastic. Each of these factors has a direct impact on the choice of the operation, and this results in absolute precision with each piece.

Drilling, particularly into the hard alloys and metals, requires the use of specialized equipment as well as cooling systems. Without optimal management of the process, the friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece causes heat from friction, which can be significant and lead to distortion, stress, and lack of quality control.

Using the incorrect equipment and settings, or a poor choice in the cutting tool can also cause problems. Vibrations or chatter creates distortions and irregularities in the drilling operation. This is most commonly seen with very hard workplaces where the power of the drilling machine is critical to provide steady, even pressure throughout the drilling process.

Equipment and Production Capacity

It is not necessary for every drilling operation to use CNC equipment and technology. Manual drilling equipment, in the hands of an experienced machinist, can provide highly precise parts and components, and is often a lower cost option for small orders, specialty pieces or for prototyping requirements.

Look for a machining company that offers customized solutions for all drilling requirements. This is particularly important if the work includes off-center drilling or cross holes, and if there are other machining services required on the part.

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