Parking Lot Repairs With Crack Sealing in Madison WI

The building was in great shape but the parking lot had a lot to be desired. The new owners didn’t want to have the old asphalt torn out and replaced, hoping to spare the expense for now. Instead, they called a few paving contractors to get estimates for Crack Sealing in Madison WI.

Front and Back Lot Problems

In addition to fixing the cracks, they knew additional work would be needed for a couple of large potholes and one place behind the building where the blacktop had disintegrated into small pieces. Obviously, heavy trucks dropping off inventory came through and parked back there regularly, eventually causing significant damage to the pavement.

Considering the Back Lot

Crack Sealing in Madison WI will take care of most of the problems with the parking lot in front. The new property owners may need to have part of the blacktop in back removed and replaced unless they are willing to leave it as an eyesore and an indication that they can’t afford to fix the pavement. The delivery truck drivers may not mind, as they are accustomed to these types of situations in drop-off locations. However, anyone else who happens to venture back there may be startled at the condition of the asphalt.

Why would anyone other than delivery personnel drive behind the building? First, there’s a back door through which employees can enter if they so choose. Someone interested in applying for a job might drive around the entire building out of curiosity. In addition, it’s possible to drive from one side street to another by cutting through this area. Although signs on either side of the back lot explain that this is private property and not intended for through traffic, people occasionally do use it as a shortcut.

Budget Considerations

Workers with a company such as Tri-County Paving Inc. can get both the front and back lot into good condition again. Obviously, the front will be easier. Depending on the customers’ budget, they may decide to wait for a bit to address the back lot rather than schedule patching. Perhaps in the near future, their successful new business will pay for complete renovation of all the pavement they now own.

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